Audit finds poor management of weapons

WASHINGTON, Jan. 29 (UPI) -- A recent audit of the National Nuclear Security Administration says the agency's excess weapons at U.S. storage facilities are not always properly managed.

The NNSA audit, conducted by Rickey Hass, Energy Department deputy inspector general for audit services, found that more than $2.8 million in excess weapons were not properly identified and poorly managed, the Energy Department reported.


Hass found that despite an overall accountability in inventory records, six NNSA storage sites were not properly identified with large inventories of excess weapons. Additionally, the sites did not always properly track high-risk and sensitive equipment according to guidelines.

The audit did acknowledge that some sites' having excess weapons was the result of a temporarily elevated government security level. However, those sites did not properly declare the excess weapons when security levels were returned to previous levels.

"Even though the weapons could potentially be used by others, sites had not made these unneeded weapons available by officially declaring them as excess and entering them into the Energy Asset Disposal System," Hass wrote in the report.

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