Canada to support NNSA in Ukraine

WASHINGTON, Jan. 23 (UPI) -- Canadian defense officials announced plans to strengthen cooperation with the United States on combating the threat of global nuclear terrorism.

The National Nuclear Security Administration has sign an agreement with Canada to support nuclear nonproliferation efforts in Ukraine. As part of the deal, Canada will provide almost $4 million for work on the NNSA's Second Line of Defense program, the NNSA reported.


Canada has a history of supporting NNSA programs contributing nearly $20 million since 2005. NNSA officials say the $4 million will go to support new radiation detection equipment installed at Ukraine's international border crossings. The new equipment supports an ongoing effort to combat the illicit smuggling of nuclear material in Eastern Europe and around the world.

"We welcome Canada's generous and continued support," Ken Baker, NNSA principal assistant deputy administrator for defense nuclear nonproliferation, said in a statement.

"This contribution reinforces the cooperation between our countries to strengthen global and national efforts to prevent the smuggling of nuclear and other radioactive materials."

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