Papers cite Russian torpedo test for Iran

WASHINGTON, Jan. 21 (UPI) -- In 2004 Iranian naval authorities participated in a Russian test of the Shkval torpedo, according to Persian-language documents obtained by Secrecy News.

It is believed that the Hoot torpedo developed by Iran is based on the Russian-made Shkval anti-ship missile. Iranian officials deny this, but according to Iranian documents obtained by Secrecy News, the Shkval was demonstrated for Iran in 2004, Secrecy News reported.


Secrecy News, a Federation of American Scientists project on government secrecy, says test performance data and technical specifications for the Russian Shkval are listed in the Iranian documents obtained from an undisclosed source.

"Some of the newly disclosed Iranian documents … are marked 'khayli mahramaneh' or 'very confidential,' the third of four classification levels used in Iran," the Secrecy News release said.

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