Iraqi delegates prepare for business expo

BAGHDAD, March 19 (UPI) -- The head of the chamber of commerce in the northern Iraqi province of Dahuk said a Kurdish delegation will travel to Turkey for an international business expo.

Iyad Hassan Abdul Halim told Voices of Iraq Wednesday more than 50 members of the Dahuk Chamber of Commerce will attend an international commercial and industrial fair in Adana, Turkey, to be held March 26-30.


Halim noted that only representatives from Iraqi Kurdistan will attend the Adana expo "as other Iraqi chambers will not be able to attend … because of the security condition."

Meanwhile, the chamber of commerce in Kut, the provincial capital of the southeastern Iraqi province of Wassit, announced plans to hold an economic conference to boost private sector investment in provincial programs.

A member of the Kut Chamber of Commerce said it would be "the biggest economic conference in Wassit," VOI said.

Kut delegates did not announce the date for the conference, however.

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