Hamas disallows mail, Red Cross visits

JERUSALEM, June 23 (UPI) -- Hamas says it will not allow the Red Cross to visit or allow any mail to or from captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit because of security concerns.

Hamas lawmaker Yichia Musa said the Red Cross would not be able to "guarantee Shalit's safety," the Jerusalem Post reported Wednesday.


"Handling this matter in an unthoughtful way will encourage Israel to engage in an operation to rescue Shalit from captivity with force, something that may endanger everyone involved," Musa said.

Shalit, who has been in captivity for four years, will no longer receive any mail from his family, the newspaper said.

"We cannot continue to send letters to and from Gilad since Israel is using special technology to try and locate his [Gilad's] location. This damages our efforts to end the suffering of Palestinian prisoners," Musa said.

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