North Korea-flagged ship seized

MOGADISHU, Somalia, Feb. 4 (UPI) -- Pirates seized a North Korean-flagged cargo ship owned by Libya's White Sea Shipping in the Gulf of Aden off Somalia and Yemen, an anti-piracy task force said.

The 4,800-ton MV Rim changed course and was headed for the Somali Basin Wednesday, the European Union Naval Force said, CNN reported. The task force said two U.S. Navy ships working with NATO had confirmed the incident.


There was no immediate confirmation how many crew members were aboard the vessel when it was taken.

The incident comes two days after pirates released a Greek-owned vessel and its crew months after seizing the ship off Somalia, after an undisclosed ransom was paid by the ship's owners, CNN reported.

Besides the MV Rim, the International Maritime Bureau, dealing with a spate of such acts of piracy, said pirates currently hold nine ships with a total of 216 crew members.

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