UPI Almanac for Friday, Jan. 10, 2020

On Jan. 10, 1920, the League of Nations came into being as the Treaty of Versailles went into effect.

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UPI Almanac for Friday, Jan. 10, 2020
On January 10, 1920, the League of Nations came into being as the Treaty of Versailles went into effect. File Photo courtesy United Nations

Today is Friday, Jan. 10, the 10th day of 2020 with 356 to follow.

The moon is full. Morning stars are Jupiter, Mars and Uranus. Evening stars are Neptune, Uranus and Venus.


Those born on this date are under the sign of Capricorn. They include poet Robinson Jeffers in 1887; musician Ronnie Hawkins in 1935 (age 85); historian Stephen Ambrose in 1936; Olympic decathlon champion Bill Toomey in 1939 (age 81); singer Jim Croce in 1943; singer Frank Sinatra Jr. in 1944; actor William Sanderson in 1944 (age 76); singer/songwriter Rod Stewart in 1945 (age 75); musician Donald Fagen in 1948 (age 72); X-rated film actor Linda Lovelace in 1949; boxer George Foreman in 1949 (age 71); singer Pat Benatar in 1953 (age 67); singer Shawn Colvin in 1956 (age 64); New Zealand screenwriter Fran Walsh in 1959 (age 61); Ajit Pai, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, in 1973 (age 47); actor Jemaine Clement in 1974 (age 46); rapper Chris Smith in 1979 (age 41); model Keyshia Ka'oir in 1985 (age 35).


On this date in history:

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In 1789, the first nationwide U.S. presidential election was conducted. Electors chosen by the voters unanimously picked George Washington as president and John Adams as vice president.

In 1861, Florida seceded from the United States.

In 1878, a constitutional amendment that would give women the right to vote was introduced into the U.S. Senate. It wasn't until 42 years later that the amendment was enacted.

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In 1901, oil was discovered at the Spindletop claim near Beaumont, Texas, launching the Southwest oil boom.

In 1920, the League of Nations came into being as the Treaty of Versailles went into effect.

In 1946, the first meeting of the U.N. General Assembly convened in London.

In 1957, Six dynamite blasts heavily damaged four black churches in Montgomery, Ala., and the homes of two ministers. No one was injured.

In 1984, the United States established full diplomatic relations with the Vatican for the first time in 116 years.

In 1994, Lorena Bobbitt went on trial for cutting off the penis of her husband, John Wayne Bobbitt. She was found innocent by reason of insanity less than two weeks later.


In 2003, North Korea announced it was withdrawing from the 1979 nuclear non-proliferation treaty.

In 2008, Edmund Hillary, who gained international fame as a member of the first climbing party to scale Mount Everest, died in Auckland, New Zealand, at age 88.

In 2017, a federal jury sentenced self-avowed white supremacist Dylann Roof to death for shooting to death nine people at a historic black church in Charleston, S.C.

In 2019, missing Wisconsin teenager Jayme Close was found alive three months after she was abducted and her parents killed. The 13-year-old escaped her captor, who kept her in his home during her abduction.

A thought for the day: "Re-vision -- the act of looking back, of seeing with fresh eyes, of entering an old text from a new critical direction -- is for women more than a chapter in cultural history; it is an act of survival." -- American author Adrienne Rich

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