Jeb Bush slams Hillary Clinton on jobs, backs off son's statement that he'll run

"I'll make up my mind just as I've said, at the end of the year."

By Matt Bradwell
Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. UPI File/Martin Fried
Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. UPI File/Martin Fried | License Photo

CASTLE ROCK, Colo., Oct. 30 (UPI) -- Jeb Bush is backing off his son's statement that he would likely run for president in 2016, while at the same time stumping against other potential candidates.

"He's got an opinion, he didn't talk to me," Jeb Bush told NBC News while campaigning for Colorado Republicans on Wednesday. During an appearance on ABC's This Week Sunday, Bush's son, George P. Bush, described a potential Jeb 2016 ticket as "more than likely."


"When you have kids, you'll probably have the same frustration. You love them to death, and they have their own opinions -- but I'll make up my mind just as I've said, at the end of the year."

Despite the noncommittal rhetoric, the former Florida governor took aim -- albeit, not by name -- at fellow potential candidate Hillary Clinton and her assertion that corporations and businesses don't create jobs.

"This last week I saw something that was breathtaking," Bush said, according to CNN.

"A candidate, a former secretary of state, who was campaigning in Massachusetts where she said that 'don't let them tell you that businesses creates jobs.'"


In Bush's eyes, corporations do create good jobs, but government intervention stifles their hypothetical ability to create enough for everyone.

"Well, the problem in America today is that not enough jobs are being created. They are created by businesses where people's income rise where they can live a life of purpose and meaning independent of government. That should be the mission. And the only way that we do that is to create a climate of high sustained economic growth where everybody, everybody in this country has a chance at earned success."

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