SeaWorld target of proposed orca ban

A California lawmaker is hoping to ban the controversial keeping and training of orca killer whales.

By Gabrielle Levy
Shamu (UPI/H. Ruckemann)
Shamu (UPI/H. Ruckemann) | License Photo

SAN DIEGO, March 7 (UPI) -- A new bill proposed by a California lawmaker will take aim at SeaWorld, hoping to shutter its longtime Shamu show after a documentary last year alleged the park mistreated its whales.

State Assembly member Richard Bloom, D-Santa Monica, drafted legislation that would ban orca whale performances at entertainment parks in the state -- which only applies to SeaWorld in San Diego -- after seeing last year's controversial Blackfish.


The law, if passed, would also ban captive orca breeding programs and prohibit importing and exporting the animals. Orcas already at SeaWorld would be "retired" -- put on public view, but prohibited from performing.

Blackfish alleged SeaWorld mistreated its orcas, keeping them in inhumane conditions and putting trainers in danger. The company, which has parks all over the world, blasted the documentary as propaganda.

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