Convict may not attend father's funeral

BOSTON, Sept. 18 (UPI) -- The convicted murderer of a 10-year-old boy will not be released from prison to go to his father's funeral Friday, Massachusetts officials say.

Charles Jaynes, who was convicted in 1997 of the kidnapping and second-degree murder of Jeffrey Curley, was originally granted permission to attend his father's funeral, The Boston Globe reported.


But the approval was suspended after further review, said Terrel Harris, a spokesman for the Public Safety and Security Office.

Harris said Kevin M. Burke, public safety secretary, ordered a departmental review of the "overall process for approving emergency escorts for inmates to view deceased relatives."

Jeffrey Curley's father, Bob Curley, said he had no objection to releasing some prisoners with escorts for relatives' funerals, but not Jaynes.

"There are people who deserve a chance, for whatever reason, but Charles Jaynes is a manipulator, he's a child rapist and he's a child murderer," Curley said. "He doesn't deserve a chance. Charles Jaynes is playing the system."

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