EU mulls visa ban on Honduras coup leaders

BRUSSELS, Sept. 16 (UPI) -- European Union leaders said they're considering a visa ban for leaders of the June military coup in Honduras.

The EU countries are considering the legality of barring officials of Honduras's de facto government from traveling to the European Union following the ouster of Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, the EUObserver reported Wednesday.


Spain already already barred Honduran officials from entering its territories.

"Until a peaceful settlement is found, the EU will stand ready to take further restrictive measures including targeting those members of the de facto government who are seen to be blocking progress on a negotiated solution," ministers said in a statement issued Tuesday from the EU headquarters in Brussels.

The statement also expressed "deep concern" about reports of human rights violations, and said EU members would curb political contact with the post-coup government.

"(EU) member states will continue to restrict contacts at the political level with representatives of the de facto government. EU budgetary support payments have been put on hold. Development cooperation with the de facto government has also been suspended, allowing only for support to civil society and humanitarian assistance," the statement said.

In July, the European Union suspended $95.4 million in aid to Honduras.


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