Assailants in Calif. crime spree sought

OAKLAND, Calif., Aug. 30 (UPI) -- Police in Oakland, Calif., said Sunday they are looking for at least one assailant in connection with a crime spree that left a woman dead.

Oakland police spokesman Officer Jeff Thomason told the San Francisco Chronicle one or more assailants have been blamed for a pair of shootings, one fatal, and a vicious beating early Sunday morning.


Thomason said the crime spree began when a man was beaten during a robbery at a taco truck. A robbery witness attempted to help the injured assault victim and instead became the next victim of the assailant or assailants, Thomason added.

The second victim, identified only as a 38-year-old man, was chased down and shot. He was in critical condition at a local hospital following the attack.

Thomason told the Chronicle the assailant or assailants are also suspected of shooting Adrienne Parker, 37. Parker, who was in her car when she was shot, died as a result of the early morning shooting.

No arrests in connection with any of the three incidents have been made.

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