Blasts, rocket fire rock Baghdad; 95 dead

BAGHDAD, Aug. 19 (UPI) -- Explosions in six Baghdad locations, including two ministerial buildings, Wednesday killed at least 95 people and injured 563 people, officials said.

The string of explosions occurred within a one-hour time span, CNN reported.


Truck bomb explosions damaged buildings housing the Foreign Affairs and Finance ministries, the Iraqi Interior Ministry said. A roadside bomb exploded on Kifa Street in central Baghdad, officials said, while another bomb blew up in the Salhiya neighborhood. Two other bombs exploded in eastern Baghdad's Beirut Square, officials said.

The two ministry buildings sustained heavy damage, Kuwaiti news agency KUNA reported.

Iraqi security forces arrested two people in western Baghdad, an Iraqi army official said. The suspects, driving in an explosives-rigged car, were thought to be senior leaders for al-Qaida in Iraq, the official said.

KUNA also reported rockets were fired near the Parliament and Rasheed Hotel, the Rasheed Theater and Zubaida Square.

The explosions in Baghdad made Wednesday one of the bloodiest days since the United States pulled its combat troops from Iraqi cities and towns June 30 and turned over security responsibilities to the Iraqis.

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