Kidnapping charge for Nowak questioned

ORLANDO, Fla., Aug. 14 (UPI) -- Defense lawyers for Lisa Nowak say an attempted kidnapping charge lodged against the ex-astronaut in Florida should be tossed following sworn statements.

WESH-TV, Orlando, Fla., reported Thursday that Nowak's attorneys want to do away with an attempted kidnapping charge since two paramedics' recent sworn statements contradicted a statement Nowak's alleged victim, Colleen Shipman, gave police.


Shipman, a U.S. Air Force captain, told police Nowak sprayed her in the face with pepper spray during an attempted kidnapping attempt in Orlando on Feb. 7, 2007.

Shipman was Nowak's romantic rival for the affection of then-NASA astronaut Bill Oelfelein.

Two airport paramedics have disputed Shipman's pepper spray claim in newly filed court depositions, WESH reported.

Paramedic William Hagedorn said Shipman did not report any burning sensations following the incident.

"She denied being directly sprayed," Hagedorn said.

The identity of the other Greater Orlando Aviation Authority Fire Department paramedic who offered a statement in the case against Nowak, who goes on trial Dec. 7, was not reported.

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