Namibia probes alleged Chinese bribes

WINDHOEK, Namibia, Aug. 1 (UPI) -- Prosecutors in Namibia say a Chinese company may have won a railroad-building contract through bribery.

Chinese businesses were already being investigated in the African country, The New York Times reports. Nutech Co., formerly headed by the son of Chinese President Hu Jintao, allegedly paid bribes to win a contract to supply airport security scanners.


Prosecutors announced Friday the investigation had expanded to include

China National Machinery & Equipment Import and Export Co. The manufacturer allegedly paid a 10 percent kickback to build a $61 million rail link.

The same Namibian company was involved in both deals. Teko Trading, which investigators say is a shell owned by Teckla Lameck, a Namibian public service commissioner, and her business partner, Kongo Mokaxwa.

Prosecutors say Hu Haifeng is not a target of their investigation, but they want to call the president's son as a witness. In China, the government has blocked access to Internet reports about the case, even though there are no allegations he was aware Nutech paid more than $4 million to win the $55.3 million contract.

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