Cop pays for shoplifter's grocery items

TAMPA, Fla., July 29 (UPI) -- A police officer in Tampa, Fla., says he paid for nearly $70 worth of grocery items a woman was stealing to care for her children.

Tampa police Cpl. Vince Sallimo said after the unidentified woman informed him last week she had been stealing items from a Sweetbay Supermarket store to care for her children, he personally paid for her shoplifted items, The Tampa (Fla.) Tribune said Wednesday.


"It was something that needed to be done," Sallimo said. "Those kids were without food. I just wanted to help."

The woman explained she attempted to steal baby care products like diapers and formula from the Tampa store because she did not have the funds to purchase the items, Sallimo said.

Sallimo said the woman informed him her husband was being deported and she had been evicted.

A spokeswoman for Sweetbay told the Tribune the grocery chain chose not to press charges in the shoplifting incident due to the woman's circumstances.

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