Canadian men say infidelity means touching

July 29, 2009 at 2:14 PM
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TORONTO, July 29 (UPI) -- An online poll of nearly 500 Canadian men published Wednesday suggested more than half have cheated on their partners, with "cheating" meaning physical contact.

The undated poll conducted by the site for urban men found the respondents rated various activities as infidelity based on whether there was any physical contact, the site's release said.

Just 2 percent considered watching pornography to be cheating, while 12 percent said flirting with a co-worker or friend wasn't cheating and 16 percent said going to a strip club on a regular basis wasn't cheating either.

For touching situations, such as an "exotic" massage, 65 percent said that was cheating. A full 99 percent considered full sex to be cheating, while 84 percent said just "making out" with someone else was infidelity, the release said.

While 53 percent of the men said they had cheated on their partners, 32 percent said they wouldn't give their partner a second chance if the partner was caught being unfaithful.

Russell Smith, executive editor of the site said the Internet and television has played a role in the shifting opinions.

"The fact that there is even some disagreement about flirtation or online chat shows that we are now facing confusion about what sex really is," he said.

No margin of error was published.

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