Sudanese woman fights pants-wearing arrest

KHARTOUM, Sudan, July 28 (UPI) -- A Sudanese woman who works for the United Nations says she faces a whipping if convicted of dressing inappropriately by wearing pants.

Lubna Hussein told the BBC she hopes to publicize the law by inviting the news media and others to her trial. She said women do not break Shariah law by wearing trousers but a clause in the Sudanese criminal law bans "indecent" clothing.


"I want to change this law, because this law doesn't match (the) constitution," she said.

Hussein said she was arrested in Khartoum with more than a dozen women. Ten, not all of them Muslims, have been convicted and sentenced to 40 lashes and a $100 fine.

By asking for lawyers, Hussein and two other women got their trials postponed. Her hearing is now set for Wednesday.

Hussein said she distributed hundreds of printed invitations and sent out e-mails.

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