Company sues over Twitter comment

CHICAGO, July 28 (UPI) -- A Chicago management firm is suing a tenant for $50,000 over a Twitter post that complained of a moldy apartment, authorities said.

Horizon Group Management is suing Amanda Bonnen for writing: "Who said sleeping in a moldy apartment was bad for you? Horizon realty thinks it's okay."


Bonnen's post on the increasingly popular social networking site damaged Horizon's reputation, the company said in a lawsuit filed Monday in Cook County Circuit Court.

Bonnen "maliciously and wrongfully published the false and defamatory Tweet on Twitter, thereby allowing the Tweet to be distributed throughout the world," the lawsuit alleges.

Bonnen has only 20 followers on Twitter, which limits communication to 140 characters per post, the Chicago Tribune reported Tuesday.

More lawsuits are likely to be filed over Twitter's one-liners as posters view their words as mere gripes while others consider them defamatory, said Chicago Bar-Tender, a Web site covering lawyers and lawsuits.

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