Ex-officer convicted of murder-for-hire

NORFOLK, Va., July 18 (UPI) -- A former police officer could face the death penalty after being convicted in federal court in Virginia of the murder-for-hire of a Navy officer.

David Runyon, who also served in the Army and National Guard, was convicted Friday with Michael Draven of killing Ensign Cory Voss, The (Norfolk) Virginian-Pilot reported Saturday.


Investigators said Draven and Catherine "Cat" Voss recruited Runyon to kill her husband because they were having an affair and wanted the insurance money. Catherine Voss pleaded guilty and has been sentenced to life in prison.

Cory Voss was shot dead in 2007 outside an ATM. Investigators became suspicious when they learned his wife had sent him to get some money although she knew there was only $5 in an account she had opened a few weeks earlier.

"It's reassuring that the jury came back with what we always knew was the truth," said Larry Rilee, a Newport News police detective who headed the investigation.

Jurors will consider Runyon's sentence next week. Draven faces an automatic life term.

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