Nevada woman sued over eBay comment

HENDERSON, Nev., June 25 (UPI) -- A Texas resident alleges in a lawsuit an eBay trading business was damaged by a Nevada woman who posted a disparaging comment about a bag she had purchased.

Ruhanieh Badi'i' of Austin, Texas, alleges in a lawsuit filed in Clark County, Nev., that Nikki Foote of Henderson allegedly posted a comment on eBay that claimed the Gucci bag she purchased from Badi'i' was a fake, the Las Vegas Sun reported Thursday.


Bad'i'i alleges Foote, whom he identified as eBay buyer nikki809, was asked to remove the posting because the $495 handbag is authentic. Bad'i'i alleges Foote refused the request as well as a removal request from eBay.

"I was sent a fake 'Gucci' bag, and when I told the seller she got very rude!" the online comment says.

Bad'i'i alleges in the Clark County District Court suit nikki809 was offered a refund if she returned the handbag, but no return was ever received.

The Sun said Bad'i'i is seeking $1,000 for each day between the June 10 posting of nikki809's comment and a future time when Bad'i'i's sales figures reach pre-June 10 levels. The suit also seeks the removal of the comment and $50,000 in general damages.


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