Attorney sued over dare

HOUSTON, June 24 (UPI) -- A prominent Florida defense attorney is being sued for breach of contract over a challenge he issued in 2006 involving a client charged with multiple murders.

Cheney Mason of Orlando told a national TV audience that he'd pay $1 million to anyone who could prove that his client, Nelson Ivan Serrano, was able to kill four people in the time that prosecutors said he did.


Dustin Kolodziej, a graduate of South Texas College of Law, says he retraced Serrano's route across two states and made the final leg of the journey within the required time, The Orlando Sentinel reported Wednesday.

Now Kolodziej wants Mason to pay up and he's asked a federal court in Houston to order him to do so.

Robert Jerry, dean of the University of Florida's law school, says there have been cases in contract law in which people made bets or challenges and courts required them to pay.

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