Parents rammed burning daycare with cars

HERMOSILLO, Mexico, June 7 (UPI) -- Desperate parents gathered outside a burning Mexican daycare rammed their vehicles into the building in an effort to free their children, witnesses said.

In a scene of chaos and horror Friday in Hermosillo, Mexico, residents told CNN one father who could hear children screaming inside the ABC Day Care facility got into his pickup truck and smashed it into the building's walls.


"A pickup truck broke down the walls," an unidentified witness said. "The dad of one of the kids broke down one of the walls with his car driving in reverse, and that helped us a bit."

At least 38 children died in the fire. As of late Saturday at least 23 children remained hospitalized, 15 of them in critical condition, with another 10 reportedly transported to other hospitals.

Sonora state Gov. Eduardo Bours said the cause of the blaze remained unknown, but investigators have determined that the fire did not start inside the daycare, CNN said. The federal government will take part into the investigation.

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