Woman: New liver wasted on suicidal dad

CAMBRIDGE, England, May 27 (UPI) -- An English woman says doctors should have let her father die when he tried to take his own life instead of giving him a liver transplant.

Nadine Woods told the Daily Mail her father, David Woods, 56, now lives in an adult care home because of brain damage from the drug overdose he used in his suicide attempt.


"I never wanted to lose my dad but I also never wanted him to be saved," she said. "It is shameful that a donor has wasted his liver and it's horrible to think someone else could have been enjoying a healthy life. My dad has not had a day's happiness since the operation. All he thinks about is wanting to die. He is obsessive about it."

David Woods was taken to Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge after the suicide attempt in December 2006. His daughter said when she and her brother and sister arrived at the hospital they were told the transplant was already being performed.

She said her father is so unhappy she is considering taking him to the Dignitas suicide clinic in Switzerland, the British newspaper reported Tuesday.


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