Police: 'Temples' provided sexual healing

SEATTLE, May 23 (UPI) -- Three Seattle-area "temples" offered sexual services, not religious inspiration, police detectives say.

Vivian Ellis, 43, who has changed her name to Rainbow Love, was arrested Thursday on charges that include money laundering, The Seattle Times reported. Police raided the Sacred Temple in Seattle, the Moon Temple in Kirkland and the Seattle Moon Temple.


The investigation began last year when a former receptionist at the Sacred Temple reported to police that she had been ordered to help out on an unusually busy day, court documents said. She said she quit when the manager told her she had to provide manual sex for clients.

Male police officers posed as customers, and a female detective who applied for a job at one temple was told she would have to touch all parts of clients' bodies, investigators said.

Love or Ellis described her work as "spiritual in nature" after her arrest, police said.

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