FBI adapts to new media

WASHINGTON, May 16 (UPI) -- The 101-year-old FBI has developed a teenage interest in new ways of staying in touch, announcing Friday that it is on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

"To reach out to the public, we need to be where people are -- and we know tens of millions of people spend their time in social media sites," John Miller, head of FBI Public Affairs, said. "Adding our fugitives, missing kids, threat and scam warnings and other information into these sites is an extension of what we've done for decades -- enlisting the help and support of concerned citizens around the globe to keep communities safer."


The agency said that its Facebook site offers news and videos. Users can become FBI "fans."

The FBI is also posting videos on YouTube with links to its main Web site for job postings and news. Twitter allows the bureau to send "tweets" with breaking news.

The FBI, with help from a information services company called NIC, has iPhone and iPod applications allowing users to download "Most Wanted" information. The company is working on an application to allow the public to send in tips.


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