Holocaust denier sentenced to three months

ADELAIDE, Australia, May 14 (UPI) -- A Holocaust denier in Australia has been sentenced to three months in jail for distributing anti-Semitic materials on the Internet.

Frederick Toben under a 2002 court order was forbidden from circulating anti-Semitic material on the Web site of the Adelaide Institute, the Daily Telegraph reported Wednesday.


Toben, 65, was said to have breached the court order 24 out of an alleged 28 times, the newspaper reported.

Toben said he has no regrets over publishing the materials.

"I've mentally prepared myself to go inside for a few weeks or months," he was quoted by the newspaper as saying. "If you believe in something and you want to have that freedom to express your opinions then you should be prepared for sacrifices."

Toben's lawyer said he will seek to have his client serve the sentence under house arrest.

Toben was arrested in Britain last year. He faces charges in Germany of publishing materials that deny the Holocaust. He faces up to five years in a German jail.

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