Reparations paid for Afghan bombing

FARAH CITY, Afghanistan, May 12 (UPI) -- The Afghan government made payments Tuesday to the families of 140 civilians reportedly killed in U.S. bombing in Farah Province.

The reparations were about $2,000 for each person killed and $1,000 for those injured last week, the Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday. The number of casualties was determined by a government commission and is disputed by the U.S. military.


If the commission findings are correct, the bombing would be the deadliest for civilians since the invasion.

"This was an accident, and we offer condolences," Farah Gov. Rosul Amin told villagers from Garani who had traveled to the provincial capital for the meeting.

The U.S. military estimates that 50 civilians were killed in the fighting and that some of the deaths were the work of Taliban fighters.

Abdul Farahi, a truck driver, said his brother and two of his nephews died in the bombing.

"It doesn't make the pain in my heart go away," he said of the reparations. "We all have to leave this earth, but this cannot be explained."

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