Mayor denies drinking before car crash

PORTLAND, Ore., May 6 (UPI) -- The mayor of Portland, Ore., denies drinking before a car crash and says he collided with another car because the sun was in his eyes.

The crash occurred Sunday afternoon in Jantzen Beach, a Portland neighborhood on an island in the Columbia River, The Portland Oregonian reported.


A police report released Tuesday said two witnesses said Mayor Sam Adams smelled of alcohol or appeared intoxicated, but other witnesses said he appeared sober. They included a reporter for KATU-TV and the driver of the car Adams hit.

"Had I known that people would be saying this kind of baloney I would have asked for a Breathalyzer test," Adams said.

Adams, driving a GMC pickup, hit a Subaru that made a right turn in front of him. He said he thought the other driver was planning to turn left.

The mayor pushed the Subaru into another car and continued to move for about 100 feet. He said that his foot slipped to the accelerator as he tried to brake.

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