Bishop Martino slams U.S. Sen. Casey

SCRANTON, Pa., May 2 (UPI) -- The Rev. Joseph F. Martino, bishop of the diocese of Scranton, Pa., says U.S. Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pa., is not doing enough to oppose abortion rights.

The Roman Catholic Church official faulted Casey for not standing up to what he feels is an "aggressive pro-abortion agenda" being cultivated in Washington by U.S. President Barack Obama, the Scranton (Pa.) Times-Tribune reported Saturday.


Martino also questioned King's College in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., for selecting Casey to speak at its upcoming graduation ceremony.

"I do not believe he has the moral stature to stand before the graduates of a Catholic college to address them about their futures and the challenges they will face when on the most important issue of the day -- the sanctity of human life -- he cannot muster the courage to oppose the pro-abortion agenda, which is currently being promoted in Washington," Martino said in a statement.

Martino's comments came after Casey voted in favor of former Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius serving as health and human services secretary. The Times-Tribune said Martino has accused Sebelius of backing pro-abortion policies while governor.


"I believe that life begins at conception and ends when we draw our last breath and that we must protect life at every point in that process," Casey said recently regarding his voting record. "Polarizing rhetoric and false choices don't help the unborn."

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