Fox to bypass Obama event on broadcast net

NEW YORK, April 28 (UPI) -- At least one broadcast network said it won't air U.S. President Barack Obama's third prime-time news conference this week.

Fox officials announced the network will air a new psychological drama, "Lie To Me," instead of carrying Obama's news conference Wednesday, The New York Times reported.


Fox said it would direct viewers to watch the news conference on Fox Cable Network.

ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS officials said their networks will carry the event live.

Obama's first two prime-time sessions, Feb. 9 and March 24, were carried by all over-the-air broadcast networks, including Fox.

Network executives had complained about the loss of advertising dollars that resulted from the White House's requests for evening broadcast time, the Times reported. While networks aren't required to air presidential news conferences, they generally agree to the White House's requests for air time.

News conferences usually can be seen on cable news channels and C-Span.

The White House did not comment on Fox's decision.

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