Mexico shuts school amid swine flu scare

MEXICO CITY, April 24 (UPI) -- Mexican health officials Friday ordered schools closed around the capital for fear of worsening a swine flu outbreak that may have killed as many as 60 people.

The World Health Organization said the strain being felt in Mexico is identical to one recently observed in California and Texas, the Los Angeles Times reported. The flu may have killed as many as 60 in Mexico in recent days, the newspaper said.


"We're dealing with a new flu virus that constitutes a respiratory epidemic that so far is controllable," said Health Minister Jose Angel Cordova, The New York Times reported Friday.

Health officials warned Mexicans in the capital to avoid large groups and even to stay clear of exchanging handshakes and kisses.

The WHO has reported some 800 cases of Mexicans with flu-like symptoms in and around Mexico City.

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