Alleged hit man accused of talking in code

CHICAGO, Jan. 23 (UPI) -- A suspected hit man for organized crime has been speaking in code to his wife during visits at Chicago's Metropolitan Correctional Center, prosecutors allege.

Prosecutors said accused professional killer Frank Calabrese Sr. has allegedly been using coded words and coded messages during jailhouse visits with his wife, one of a select number of visitors allowed to the homicide suspect, the Chicago Sun-Times said Friday.


The unidentified prosecutors allege the recent attempts at code by Calabrese were not the first time the racketeering case defendant used such deceptive communication methods.

The federal authorities allege Calabrese asked his wife, whose name was not reported, about loan collections while incarcerated in 1999. But instead of directly asking about such illicit actions during the secretly recorded conversation, Calabrese allegedly discussed recipes with his wife.

The Sun-Times said Calabrese has been charged in relation to seven killings in his racketeering case.

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