Official: Grand Canyon needs more funds

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz., Jan. 15 (UPI) -- The superintendent of the Grand Canyon National Park says with $65 million annually over the next four years he could create more than 1,000 new jobs.

Park Superintendent Steve Martin said the new hires could improve roads, trails, water lines, campgrounds and buildings in the park, the (Flagstaff, Ariz.) Arizona Daily Sun reported Thursday.


The newspaper said the park currently has a $262 million backlog of improvement projects.

"We have a lot of Band-Aids and bailing wire on things where, if we go 10 more years like this, we really are going to have to start shutting things down," Martin said.

National Parks Conservation Association lobbyist Craig Obey said the national parks had a combined backlog

of $9 billion in needed maintenance.

At the Grand Canyon, he said roads along the North Rim are in disrepair, South Kaibab Trail is rutted and that toilets and campsites that have a "worn-out" feeling.

"We have a lot of projects that are ready to go," Obey was quoted as saying.

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