Prosecutor seeks death for court gunman

ATLANTA, Dec. 8 (UPI) -- Prosecutors Monday called on jurors to sentence Brian Nichols to death for the 2005 shooting deaths at a downtown Atlanta courthouse.

Nichols, 36, killed three at the Fulton County Courthouse and a sheriff's deputy outside the courthouse after he beat a deputy guarding him, stole her gun and went on a shooting spree.


He also killed a federal agent before being captured in neighboring Gwinnett County, where he had held a woman hostage in her apartment.

CNN reported that the jury is set to begin deliberating Tuesday on whether to sentence Nichols to death, life in prison or life without possibility of parole.

"If you give him life and not death, especially given everything he's done, he will have nothing to lose and everything to gain because he is not finished yet," Prosecutor Clint Rucker told jurors. "He did it once and he will do it again. He is conniving, he is cold-blooded, he is vicious and he is remorseless and he is extremely, extremely dangerous."

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