Scam hits Canadian cell phone users

TORONTO, Nov. 27 (UPI) -- A major cell phone service provider in Canada is warning its customers about an ongoing do-not-call scam that could lead to identity theft.

Telus was first made aware of the operation Nov. 18, and has since issued news releases to its customers warning them of the potential for fraud, CTV News reported.


The fake e-mail still circulating says Telus cellular customers are charged for incoming telemarketing calls, which could be stopped by registering over the phone at one of two telephone numbers or online.

The Web site and one of the phone numbers are genuine for Canada's new do-not-call registry, but the second phone number was traced back to an undisclosed U.S. location, where personal data is collected, Jim Johannsson, director of media relations for Telus said.

He said the scam also claims Telus was planning on selling customers' names to telemarketers later this month, which he said was untrue.

"The fact is that it's not legitimate and that means it's dangerous. Customers should stay away," Johannsson told the broadcaster.

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