Pelosi: Becoming legendary House speaker

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi | License Photo

WASHINGTON, Nov. 12 (UPI) -- Washington insiders are saying House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has become the most powerful woman in U.S. political history.

"Whatever Nancy wants, Nancy gets," a Democratic lawmaker told Politico speaking on condition of anonymity.


Politco reported Wednesday observers are mentioning Pelosi, now entering her third year as speaker, in the same breath as legends Sam Rayburn and Tip O'Neill even though she has yet to assemble a legislative record to match theirs.

"I think you'd have to compare her to the great people we've seen in the past," says former Rep. Dick Gephardt, D-Mo.

During a recent television appearance, former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas, said Pelosi is "the most powerful speaker in a generation -- she will be able to do anything she wants."

Politico said Pelosi's style of leadership can be difficult to convey since she doesn't make threats or bully people. Yet her complete control of the chamber is never in doubt.

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