Investigation of Guantanamo detainee

LONDON, Nov. 1 (UPI) -- The British home secretary has asked for a probe into the role of U.S. and British intelligence agencies in the detention of a British resident at Guantanamo.

Jacqui Smith sent evidence about the interrogation of Binyam Mohamed to the attorney general, suggesting "possible criminal wrongdoing" by MI5 and CIA, The Guardian reported.


Mohamed, an Ethiopian national, was working in London as a janitor when he was detained in Pakistan in 2002. His lawyers say he was subjected to "extraordinary rendition" to Morocco and Afghanistan before being sent to Guantanamo. He remains there, although the British government asked for his return last year.

Clive Stafford Smith, who heads the legal group Reprieve, said his group would send information to the attorney general.

"This is a welcome recognition that the CIA cannot just go rendering British residents to secret torture chambers without any consequences, and British agents cannot take part in American crimes without facing the music," he said.

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