Harvard: Old Canadian map not theirs

OTTAWA, Oct. 15 (UPI) -- Harvard University experts say a rare print of a 1612 map of Canada set to be auctioned in England next month isn't one stolen in 2005.

Sotheby's auction house in London is set to auction the print of the map done by French explorer Samuel de Champlain Nov. 13 for as much as $80,000 for an undisclosed owner, the Canwest News Service reported Wednesday.


Last week, Harvard official Beth Brainard told Canwest the school wanted to ascertain whether the print was one stolen from the Cambridge, Mass., university's Houghton Library in 2005 before the auction took place.

She said curators using digital technology "have found enough discrepancies to believe the one for sale is not the one missing from Harvard."

An unidentified Sotheby's spokesman said the map being sold had already being checked as a matter of policy against a U.S.-based lost art registry.

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