Serial bank robber suspect arrested

TORONTO, Oct. 7 (UPI) -- Toronto police arrested a financial services executive on 10 counts of bank robbery and said he's a suspect in 16 others in and around the city.

Kevin Pinto, 37, made a court appearance Monday and is scheduled to return Wednesday to enter a plea, the Toronto Sun said.


Police said Pinto went to a downtown police station with a lawyer Friday and surrendered, hours after police released high-quality bank security images taken during a recent robbery to television and newspaper media.

Pinto works as vice president of compliance at the investment firm Paradigm Capital, which Detective Al Phillips told the Toronto Star was a real break from the norm.

"The last thing you expect in a bank robber is somebody from that community, who works in banking," he said.

The 26 robberies began in 2003 and spread from Toronto. Police dubbed the thief the "Exchange Bandit" because in each instance the robber started talking to the teller about exchange rates for U.S. currency before passing the hold-up note, the report said.

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