Police: Man detained as funds were stolen

TORONTO, Oct. 6 (UPI) -- Thousands of dollars were allegedly taken from a Montreal man's bank account by three suspects while he was being held captive in a Toronto hotel, police said.

Toronto Police Detective Gary Williams said three suspects used implied threats of violence to keep the unidentified man detained in a Toronto hotel room for three days as they stole funds from his bank account, the Toronto Sun said Monday.


A 29-year-old woman, along with a man and another woman, allegedly took the victim to Toronto in a van and took his wallet.

Williams said while the three suspects never made any significant threats to the victim, the man understood his safety was in jeopardy.

"There weren't any heavy-duty threats. But he knew, based on initial threats, that harm could come to him if he did try to leave," Williams told the Sun.

Police said the man was able to escape his captors Aaturday and phoned police, who arrested Natasha Vautour, Cassandra Monette and Jhims Fils Jasmin in relation to the kidnapping and theft of $4,800.

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