Fake Craigslist ads invited 'rape fantasy'

ATLANTA, Oct. 2 (UPI) -- A 20-year-old Atlanta woman says phony Craigslist ads saying she wanted a "rape fantasy" fulfilled caused men to visit her hoping to help her live it out.

The cosmetology student and waitress, who United Press International is identifying as Amber, also received a dozen phone calls and several text messages from men wanting "to simulate the act" with her, a police report said.


Some men at her doorstep "tried to enter the apartment," the report, quoted in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, said.

The ad, which is no longer on the site, said men should "enter her apartment and begin the 'rape,'" Amber told the newspaper.

"At first, I was pretty livid," she said. "It went from that to being completely scared. I was scared to death."

An Atlanta police spokesman told UPI Thursday the unidentified person who placed the ad had come forward and given a statement.

"No charges are going to be filed at this point" and the case appears nearly resolved, Officer Eric Schwartz told UPI.

He said he didn't know the person's motives for placing the ad, which Amber said included her name, phone number and address.


A Craigslist spokeswoman couldn't immediately be reached for comment.

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