Frozen pastries save U.K. man's arm

PEACEHAVEN, England, Sept. 30 (UPI) -- Doctors say a British man may have saved his neighbor's severed arm by keeping it chilled with a bag of frozen sausage rolls while en route to a hospital.

Steve Francis said he placed the arm, which was cut off in a chain saw accident, in a shopping bag and then dropped in a sack of frozen pastries while paramedics tended to his stricken neighbor, John Stirling.


Surgeons at a hospital in West Sussex said they believed they would be able to reattach Stirling's arm, the Daily Telegraph said Tuesday.

Francis told the newspaper his stunned neighbor showed up at his door in Peacehaven East Sussex this week asking for help. He had apparently been doing some pruning in his yard when his chain saw slipped and cut off his arm at the elbow.

"He was as relaxed as can be," Francis said. "I didn't realize anything was wrong until I looked down and saw his arm was missing ."

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