Erdogan calls for boycott of news group

ANKARA, Turkey, Sept. 20 (UPI) -- A major Turkish newspaper's circulation spiked after Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan urged a boycott of the paper and its publishing group, the newspaper said.

Hurriyet, flagship publication in the Dogan Group, reported that its circulation exceeded 500,000 immediately after the prime minister's call Thursday. Erdogan spoke at a meeting of members of his Justice and Development Party.


Dogan, which owns radio and TV outlets as well as newspapers, is the largest media company in Turkey.

"For this reason, I say you, as the party members, should start your own campaign against the media that published false stories, and not let them enter your homes. Do not buy them," Erdogan said.

Leaders of other political parties and news media representatives criticized the prime minister.

"The democracy perception of the prime minister is only on the shelf," said Oktay Vural, deputy chairman of the nationalist MHP.

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