Swedish inmates to get more feminie attire

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Sept. 16 (UPI) -- A group of Stockholm design students have created a line of clothing for female inmates, introduced Tuesday at a prison outside the Swedish capital.

The new clothes replace a unisex outfit of gray T-shirts and sweatpants, The Local reports.


"They really were awful," said Lars Nylen, director general of the Swedish Prison and Probation Service.

Second-year students at the Beckman Design School were told that the new clothing should be durable, cheap to make and attractive. They came up with garments in feminine colors that allow inmates to make minor changes so their outfits become more personal.

As an added bonus, Nylen said, the new clothing is designed to expand easily when women gain weight. Many inmates were ampthetamine users on the outside and put on pounds quickly off the drug.

The inmates themselves will make the new clothing.

"The inmates are very easy to motivate; they are not doing it for the government or the guards, they are working for themselves, learning skills which will help them in the outside world," Nylen said.

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