Source: Israel ready to stop Iranian nukes

JERUSALEM, Aug. 29 (UPI) -- Israel won't stand by and watch Iran develop its nuclear program despite the stance of the rest of the international community, a security source says.

The unidentified source said while international superpowers such as the United States are focusing their antinuclear efforts on diplomacy, Israel won't accept that Iran is capable of developing nuclear weaponry, reported Friday.


"The Americans have accepted the fact that Iran will be a nuclear power and are trying to get us to accept it, too," the source said.

Former Deputy Defense Minister Ephraim Sneh has proposed an embargo be placed on any supplies for the Iranian oil industry in an attempt to force Tehran into ceasing nuclear development.

The Jerusalem Post said that members of the Israeli government are moving forward with precautionary plans including the purchase of advanced warplanes and receiving permission to use U.S.-controlled Iraqi airspace.

The newspaper said such aggressive actions come after the Israeli government has made it abundantly clear it doesn't support a tentative approach to the Iranian nuclear situation.

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