Group plans to use Obama coattails

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 11 (UPI) -- A California group says it plans to spend $10 million before the November election to benefit progressive causes and candidates across the country. President Steve Phillips says his organization, which he says is politically far left, aims to capitalize on the momentum of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama by launching voter registration drives in the south and a media campaign in four western states, Politico reported Monday.


"We think that the excitement about Barack is going to bring out people whose engagement can have a long term impact on the local policy issues within those states," said Phillips.

PowerPAC will spend $7 million to register African-American voters in Virginia, North Carolina, Mississippi and Georgia.

That will leave the group about $3 million for advertising targeting Hispanic voters in Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada and Texas.

Phillips says he wants to build a progressive infrastructure that can stand outside of, and to the left of, an Obama presidency.

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