Steroid tests show Texas preps are clean

AUSTIN, Texas, July 1 (UPI) -- A statewide test of high school athletes in Texas turned up only two positive results for steroids, the company announced this week.

The preliminary results from 10,407 tests conducted since February have sparked a political argument in Austin over the value of the $3 million-a-year testing program.


The Houston Chronicle said some state legislators are calling the testing a waste of time and money and want it abolished. However, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst said the monitoring was a useful deterrent.

"These test results clearly show the deterrent is working because young people know they can't use illegal steroids without getting caught," said Dewhurst, who had pushed for the establishment of the testing program.

Critics of the program, which is due to be expanded to 30,000 teens next year, noted while the spring testing missed the critical football season, they doubted testing in the fall would produce different results.

Students and coaches told the Chronicle steroids were not a significant issue these days because of rigorous testing in college and pro sports was a definite deterrent to elite high school athletes.


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