Italian mothers bare breasts in protest

ROME, June 25 (UPI) -- A group of Italian mothers bared their bosoms and breastfed their babies in a public square Wednesday as part of their "I'll Suckle Where I Want" campaign.

More than 100 of the lactating ladies gathered in Rome's EUR district for the protest, aimed at eliminating laws prohibiting public breastfeeding they say are hypocritical in an era when bare breasts are readily available on Italy's prime time television programming, the Italian news agency ANSA reported.


"People still give a start when they see a woman breastfeeding, but they have to learn that a breast is not just a sexy object," Grazia Passeri, president of the Salvamamme breastfeeding group said. "It's ridiculous that showgirls can show theirs but mothers can't."

They also protested the high cost of powdered baby formula. European Parliament Member Roberta Angelilli, who attended the rally, told ANSA Italy has already asked the EU for permission to get rid of a sales tax on baby products, with powdered milk first on the list.

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