Report: Britain fears Afghan troop fatigue

LONDON, June 22 (UPI) -- Leaked government documents show British military officials are concerned "tour fatigue" is setting in with the country's soldiers in Afghanistan.

The Telegraph Sunday reported documents it obtained revealed one in 10 soldiers in Afghan war zones are now classified as "unfit to serve," reflecting the stresses of five continuous years of supplying and maintaining combat operations.


The British newspaper quoted Gen. Sir Richard Dannatt, chief of the Army's general staff, as saying, "We must strive to give individuals and units ample recuperation time between operations, but I do not underestimate how difficult this will be to achieve whilst undermanned and with less robust establishment than I would like."

The Defense Ministry said 8,500 of the 59,000 soldiers in the Field Army, composed of tank, artillery and infantry regiments, are classified as unfit to serve at the front.

The Telegraph also said the document revealed concerns within the army that some soldiers are "going sick" to avoid service in war zones.

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